Casa M.I.


Casa M.I.


🗓️ 2022

📐 250 sqm

📍 Bragadiru, Ilfov

🏷️ Interior design and custom furniture made by Novo Concept

If you're curious...

🏠 In 2022, we had the pleasure of undertaking an interior design and furnishing project for a 250 sqm house, managing the entire renovation process.

🛠️ The major challenge was that the owners wanted to continue living in the house during the work, which required a careful and systematic approach, working room by room.

📐 The project focused on the complete transformation of the spaces, from finishes to furniture, to bring a modern and bright atmosphere throughout the home. We used large-format tiles to create a visual effect of spaciousness and continuity.

🛋️ Each room was renovated with attention to detail, ensuring the owners felt comfortable and daily activities were not significantly disrupted.

🌈 Initially, the house had very dark tones, creating a heavy and gloomy atmosphere. The owner wanted a brighter and more welcoming space, so we opted for light colors such as white, beige, and pastel shades.

🌿 We integrated natural materials, such as light-colored wood and stone, to bring a sense of warmth and nature indoors.

🪑 We chose simple and elegant furniture lines that perfectly fit the modern design of the house. All the furniture was custom-made in our own production facility.

💡 The lighting fixtures were selected to provide sufficient light and add a sophisticated design element to each room.

😊 The final result was a bright, modern, and extremely functional house that completely transformed the living experience of the owners. Despite the challenges, the entire renovation process was a success due to careful planning and precise execution, bringing a smile to the owners' faces every time they enter their renewed home.