A.M. house


A.M. house


🗓️ 2022

📐 120 mp

📍 Bragadiru, IF.

🏷️ Interior design and custom furniture made by Novo Concept

If you're curious...

🏡 In 2022, Novo Concept completed an interior design project for a 120 sqm house, transforming the space into a modern and welcoming home. The project included an open-plan living area with dining and kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a garage, and a technical room. The entire process, from conception to furnishing, took a year and a half, involving detailed electrical plans and continuous site supervision.

🎨 To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, the design team opted for a palette of neutral and warm colors. Strong wood tones were chosen for furniture and accent details, elegantly contrasting with the cement-look ceramic flooring. This combination of materials brought a perfect balance between natural and modern, creating a sophisticated and comfortable aesthetic.

🛋️ The open-plan living area, combining the dining and kitchen areas, was designed to encourage socializing and interaction. Modular and functional furniture was chosen to maximize space and provide flexibility. The kitchen was equipped with modern appliances and premium finishes, maintaining the same color palette to ensure visual continuity.

🛏️ The bedrooms were designed to offer comfort and privacy. Each room was decorated with solid wood furniture and warm-toned textiles, creating a relaxing environment. The bathrooms also benefited from a refined design, with high-quality tiles and ceramics, harmoniously integrated into the overall aesthetic of the house.

🚗 The garage and technical room were practically and efficiently arranged, ensuring maximum functionality without compromising the general aesthetics of the house.

🔌 Detailed electrical plans and careful site supervision ensured flawless project implementation, with every detail closely monitored to meet Novo Concept's high standards.

🎉 The completion of this project transformed the house into a harmonious and contemporary space, reflecting Novo Concept's commitment to quality and innovative design.