Apartament M.D.


Apartament M.D.


🗓️ 2023

📐 46 mp

📍 Cloud 9 residence, Pipera. 

🏷️ Interior design, implementation and furnishing by Novo Concept

If you're curious...

🔑 Concept:The owner wanted a contemporary, pleasant, and functional space with ample storage.

🎨 Color Palette: We chose neutral shades of gray, combined with black and a touch of gold/bronze accents. The initially proposed blue sofa was replaced with a gray, extendable one.

🛠️ Materials and finishes:

  • Kitchen: Painted MDF in matte tones, with Gola black profile fronts. Fully integrated appliances. The island serves as a dining space and divider, with heat-resistant countertops.
  • Living room: Painted MDF in a metallic tone and flexible slate skin, highlighted by perimeter LED lighting.
  • Bedroom: Upholstered bed with storage, wall cladding with Concrete Flow melamine-faced chipboard by Kronospan, black metal profiles, and Orac profiles painted by our partners at Murali.

🔍 Details and Accessories:

  • Bronze mirrors for optical effects and warm reflections.
  • LED lighting to highlight the minimalist design.

🔧 Functionality:

  • The kitchen island maximizes space.
  • The bed provides extra storage.

🚪 Integrated Appliances: All appliances are fully integrated, maintaining a clean and modern look.

🔮 Future Recommendations:

  • Integrating the refrigerator is essential for a high-end look.
  • Quality mirrors and smart lighting enhance space perception.

Conclusion: This studio decoration meets the owner’s requirements, creating a contemporary, functional, and attractive space for renters. The materials, colors, and storage solutions offer comfort and aesthetics, ensuring a successful investment.